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Big Bang art
Mai, tainee
Art for my second deancasbigbang this one by clay_roses called Alchemy. It's a Superhero AU!

So I got to practice my comicbook style.

Spoilers for the Fic under the cut.

I really like the atmosphere of this scene so I just had to give it a go. I have learned though, fire is hard to paint though. This piece also got so big it was getting impossible to open in Photoshop.

I made everyone's eyes a lot bigger then I usually do. I'm not sure it works. We live and learn though.

Next up are a series of picture, going from my sketches in colour pencil, to light blue and pencil shading, to ink then to colour. They are also like covers in my head, I just ran out of time to make a title head. Except Anna's isn't really cover material. Ah well.

Not entirely happy with poor Sammy, but I am out of time!

Here re the inks for the comic page, before it's cleaned up in Photoshop-

And after

no speech bubbles

Close ups! I like being able to see the fire reflected in Dean's eyes. And freckles. And seeing how big that panel it, it's no wonder Photoshop kept crashing on it.

Please read and review! And I love feed back so comments and criticisms are welcome!

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Both this post and your previous post are very nice! :)

I loved Castiel's fiery wings here, and his struggle under Dean was visible in the previous post and made me want to read the fic.

I'm commenting here for both posts, because in your previous post, you have disabled comments, so it's not possible for the viewer to reply.

Ahhhh!!!!! I don't know how that happened! Thank you for telling me! Fixed now! I was wondering why I had no comments.

And thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you like the pictures!

And thank you again for telling me about the comments!

All the pieces are amazing, very dramatic! <333

Yay! I always look at the art first before reading a big bang. This is the second time this season that the art has made me super excited to read the story. Great job!

Woooow! These are excellent!
Love the comic, the dramatic colouring really enhances the atmosphere :D Cas looks so badass!
The character concept pics are awesome! And thank you for including your comic steps and close ups!
I am very impressed by the amount of work and effort you put into these ^o^ Now I have to go read the fic!

Superb work!

Wow super-interesting !! A superheroes comic style, I approuve ^o^
The wings of fire work so well... I can't wait to read the story *,*
(Dean looks a little too young in his first pannel, but that's ok)

I like the idea of the covers with the syboles and all!
I like Anna too, the pose, clothes, the knife, and her expression. Dean and Cas expressions though... they are a little weird, I don't even know xD

Very well done !
(I wish we could have more, arf ^^)

Ooooo very intense! I love how bright Cas' eyes are and his wings of fire. They really stand out from the dark tones of his body.
Love that you did a comic strip to go with this superhero verse....quite fitting.
I'm impressed by your work and the time you must have dedicated to it. Great job!

Wanted to say thank you again for the art you created based on the story. I love the comic panel, and the covers you did are great! And one of my favorite things out of what you did is Anna--the expression on her face is precocious, which I love. :)

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