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Mai, tainee
Alright so to quote the blog I am promoting.

"We’re the third year class of Algonquin College Animation and we’re graduating in 2012. At the end of every year the animation program puts on a grad show to showcase their recent graduates. This includes official showings of their third year films and portfolio viewings for the studios and general public.

The graduation show is a huge opportunity for students to gain exposure in the industry of animation. A number of studios come from across Canada to see the students’ work and offer tests for employment.

Because of budget constraints this year’s graduates need to raise $5000 in order to have the same opportunity that students before them have had. To do this several of the students have opened this blog to help earn the money through their artwork."

I'll be doing commissions as well! But be sure to check out the other artists on the site and get an art piece from them as well.  Some of them are amazing artists and will surely make it big so grab their art before it gets really expensive!

You can find me under Christine on this page to see me prices and examples of my art as well as everyone else's. my email there is wrong, it's, not dc.

So drop me a line over there or here about doing a piece for you. I'm willing to try to do almost anything I guess. Looking at the art over here will help you get an idea for what I can and can't do.

Spread the word!

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